Advance Your Cyber Security Career: Master DORA and ISO 27001

The financial services sector faces a pivotal moment. DORA, the EU’s Digital Operational Resilience Act, mandates a step change in cyber resilience by 17 January 2025. This applies not only to EU financial institutions but also to their global third-party ICT service providers, regardless of location. Timely compliance necessitates proactive measures.

Invest in your future and become an asset for any financial institution. Equip yourself with specialised credentials like IBITGQ’s ISO/IEC 27001 ISMS and Certified DORA qualifications. These rigorous programmes demonstrate your in-depth understanding of regulatory frameworks and your expertise in mitigating cyber risks – skills that are increasingly sought after in today’s security-conscious environment.

Leveraging ISO/IEC 27001 ISMS and Certified DORA qualifications for optimal compliance

IBITGQ’s extensive experience in ISMS certifications, through its ISO/IEC 27001 qualifications, sets a strong foundation. With the introduction of the finance industry’s first certified DORA qualifications, this expertise complements compliance initiatives within the ever-evolving ISMS framework. These qualifications create a powerful synergy and can be combined in the following ways:

Certified DORA Foundation and Certified ISO 27001:2022 ISMS Foundation: This combination delivers a robust understanding of digital operational resilience within the financial sector. DORA Foundation delves into regulatory fundamentals, while the ISMS Foundation lays out the structure for implementing and managing an ISMS, enhancing DORA preparedness.

Certified DORA Practitioner and Certified ISO 27001:2022 ISMS Lead Implementer: Essential for those driving DORA compliance, DORA Practitioner provides strategic insight into integrating the Regulation’s requirements within existing governance and risk frameworks. The ISMS Lead Implementer syllabus builds on this with the practical knowledge needed to establish, operate and continually improve an ISMS that satisfies both DORA and ISO 27001’s globally recognised standards.

Certified DORA Lead Auditor and Certified ISO 27001:2022 ISMS Lead Auditor: This pairing is crucial for roles focused on the rigorous assessment of digital operational resilience. DORA Lead Auditor offers specialised knowledge of DORA regulations and audit methodologies, while the ISMS Lead Auditor syllabus adds world-class ISMS auditing skills. Together, they enable evidence-based evaluations of both DORA-specific compliance and established auditing principles.

Certified DORA Risk Director: Aligns strongly with ISO 27001 by emphasising people and service provider management. Its focus on incident response and the ICT value chain aligns with ISO 27001’s requirements for security awareness, roles/responsibilities and third-party risk management (controls A.15 and A.16). This empowers senior executives to make informed, ISMS-aligned decisions.

Certified DORA Compliance Officer: This qualification’s emphasis on assessing security standards and risk profiles enables compliance measures such as access controls and awareness initiatives outlined in ISO 27001. Its focus on business continuity, incident response and GDPR-compliant supply chain management directly reinforces operational resilience and supplier security protocols within an ISMS. Senior management versed in these areas will bolster ISMS design and successful implementation.

Strategic advantages of dual ISO 27001 and DORA qualifications

Investing in IBITGQ’s internationally recognised ISO 27001 and DORA qualifications delivers significant benefits for information security professionals and their organisations:

Broadened skillset: Gain specialised knowledge in ISMS frameworks (ISO 27001) alongside financial-sector-specific risk and resilience concepts (DORA). This creates a multifaceted, in-demand skillset.

Career progression: Become a highly sought-after asset with the expertise to confidently navigate compliance-related roles. Qualifications signal mastery and commitment, bolstering professional standing.

Industry credibility: Globally recognised qualifications establish credibility within the information security and financial sectors. Employers and peers instantly recognise the dedication to professional development.

International mobility: Take your career across borders thanks to transferable skills and qualifications aligned with both DORA and the internationally recognised ISO 27001 standard.

Lifelong learning: Stay ahead with a commitment to ongoing professional development, earning CPD points and continually building knowledge of new regulations, technologies and best practices.

Networking and collaboration: Expand your professional network with industry leaders and peers. Tap into invaluable knowledge-sharing opportunities and collaborate on industry best practices.

Regulatory alignment: Demonstrate expertise in addressing compliance challenges within a rigorous regulatory environment. Understanding both DORA and ISO 27001 empowers you to design and implement robust solutions.

The strategic alignment of IBITGQ’s ISO 27001 and DORA qualifications provides distinct advantages in today’s complex digital environment. By developing proficiency in information security and digital operational resilience, professionals accelerate their career paths, establish industry-wide credibility and drive organisational compliance efforts. Within a context of escalating cyber threats and rigorous regulatory standards, these dual qualifications distinguish individuals as adaptable leaders in the vital field of information security.

How to get IBITGQ certified: Three convenient paths

To attain an IBITGQ certification, choose one of three pathways. Enrol in formal training with an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) for comprehensive preparation leading to the examination; purchase an examination voucher from an ATO, which is valid for a specific period; or demonstrate your knowledge by independently booking an examination through an IBITGQ examination provider.