IBITGQ: Your Essential Partner in Achieving DORA Compliance

The EU’s DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act) represents a paradigm shift in how the financial sector approaches cyber security and resilience. With a compliance deadline of 17 January 2025, the time to prepare is now. IBITGQ’s Certified DORA Foundation and Practitioner qualifications offer the in-depth knowledge and practical tools you need to navigate this complex regulation and secure your organisation’s future.

Certified DORA Foundation: building your knowledge base

This qualification lays the groundwork for your DORA journey, ensuring a thorough understanding of the following:

DORA’s regulatory context: Get a historical perspective on how cyber security regulations have evolved, leading to the specific requirements of DORA and its place within the broader financial regulatory landscape.

Key definitions and terminology: Develop fluency in the language of DORA, enabling you to interpret its requirements and effectively communicate with internal stakeholders and regulators.

Oversight, enforcement and penalties: Learn about the specific bodies responsible for enforcing various aspects of DORA. Understand the range of penalties for non-compliance, including financial sanctions and potential reputational damage.

DORA’s essential pillars: Delve into the key components of DORA, with practical insights into its implementation. Areas covered include incident reporting protocols, the importance of comprehensive resilience testing scenarios, and the complexities of managing third-party ICT vendors.

Certified DORA Practitioner: translating theory into action

The Practitioner qualification empowers you to turn DORA’s principles into a robust compliance strategy, focusing on the following:

Governance integration: Ensure DORA becomes a seamless part of your existing governance structures, minimising disruption and maximising efficiency during the transition to compliance.

Risk management frameworks: Establish a tailored ICT risk management framework that aligns with DORA’s requirements while addressing your organisation’s specific needs and risk profile.

Resilience planning and testing: Develop a detailed business continuity plan. Focus on realistic scenarios that test your ability to maintain critical operations during various disruptions, fostering an organisation-wide culture of resilience.

Managing third-party ICT risk: Implement a rigorous vendor management process, including ongoing monitoring, contractual safeguards, and clear lines of responsibility for identifying and mitigating supply chain risks.

Why partner with IBITGQ for DORA expertise?

IBITGQ certifications offer distinct advantages:

Global recognition: IBITGQ credentials are respected worldwide, signifying your DORA expertise to clients, regulators and industry peers.

Rigorous and up-to-date content: IBITGQ syllabi reflect the latest DORA interpretations and best practices, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

Career advancement: Position yourself at the forefront of the rapidly growing field of digital resilience and cyber security, unlocking exciting career opportunities.

Competitive advantage resulting from DORA compliance

Demonstrate your proactive approach to digital security and resilience with IBITGQ’s DORA certifications:

Enhanced trust and reputation: Earn the confidence of clients, partners and regulators, signalling your commitment to protecting sensitive data and critical operations.

Market differentiation: Set yourself apart in a competitive landscape. Having DORA expertise makes you a preferred partner in the eyes of discerning clients.

Efficient compliance and risk mitigation: Avoid the cost, disruption and risk to your reputation of DORA non-compliance with a well-defined strategy.

Take decisive action today

Partner with IBITGQ to build a more resilient future for your organisation:

Explore training pathways: Choose either comprehensive training delivered by ATOs (Accredited Training Organisations) for in-depth learning, or self-study with an exam voucher.

IBITGQ examination: Pass the IBITGQ-administered exams to demonstrate your DORA mastery and earn your qualifications.