The International Board for IT Governance Qualifications (IBITGQ) is dedicated to helping individuals obtain industry standard certifications and develop their career as an IT governance professional.

To ensure the success of our candidates, we offer the following IBITGQ resources:

How do you obtain your IBITGQ Certification?

IBITGQ Certifications are granted after successfully passing an IBITGQ exam.

The exam can be passed after participating in a training course as well as after preparing through self-study.

More information about the exams can be found here.

Candidates interested in a training can find their IBITGQ Accredited Training Organization here.

Suspension and withdrawal of certification

Certification can be suspended or withdrawn if a candidate does not comply with the examination conditions or if the examination or certification was not conducted in accordance with the examination conditions. Violation of IBITGQ Code of Ethics can also result in suspension or withdrawal of certification.