IBITGQ declaration of impartiality

IBITGQ is committed to ensuring the impartiality of the certification process.

Impartiality is ensured by defining roles in the business processes. The management of impartiality overlaps with the quality control, as both processes aim to ensure an objective and high-quality certification process at all times.

The general management is responsible for ensuring compliance with and monitoring of the quality management objectives and assumes overall responsibility for the effectiveness of the quality management system. The general manager acts as a quality management representative, and reviews and releases the quality management documentation. They also participate in the planning of the internal audits and perform the quality management evaluation at management level at least once a year or event-oriented. The quality management representative and the general management take appropriate measures if there is a threat to impartiality.

The organisational structure of IBITGQ ensures that the general management and the quality management representative are directly connected with all other organisational units, which enables a quality control of all processes.

Impartiality is also regulated at the level of staff and experts by:

  • Stressing the importance of impartiality to employees, experts and partners;
  • Including the impartiality provisions in the expert agreements, employment contracts or contracts for examination centres; and
  • Setting penalties for neglecting contractual obligations.

The violation of impartiality by the experts leads to the immediate end of their participation in the IBITGQ expert panel. In the case of a breach of impartiality by the contractors or the employees, they are obliged to pay the contractual penalty, and IBITGQ has the right to extraordinary termination.

IBITGQ behaves impartially towards its applicants, candidates and certified persons. The policies and processes for the certification of persons are fair among all applicants, candidates and certified persons. IBITGQ does not use procedures to unjustifiably impede the access of applicants and candidates. IBITGQ does not allow any commercial, financial or other pressure to compromise impartiality. The guidelines for ensuring impartiality must be strictly adhered to by all contractual partners of IBITGQ.