Applying for certification

To apply for certification, a candidate needs to apply for a respective IBITGQ examination in one of the following ways:

  • An online examination delivered as part of an IBITGQ training course if the ATO is also approved for administering exams;
  • An online examination administered at GASQ Accredited Exam Center (also available at ATOs without prior training);
  • A remote examination HERE Remote Exams - GASQ

Training is not a prerequisite for becoming IBITGQ certified.


Certification is granted based on the examination results.

  • Apply for an examination as part of an IBITG training course at one of the ATOs;
  • Apply for an examination at a GASQ Accredited Exam Center (also possible at ATOs that are exam centres) without prior training;
  • Apply for a remote examination  Remote Exams - GASQ


Where recertification for a certification is required, the criteria is explained fully in the related Certification Framework & Syllabus document. Where applicable this can be viewed from the hyperlinks shown in the above Examination table.

How to obtain a certification

IBITGQ Certifications are granted after successfully passing an IBITGQ exam.

The exam can be passed after participating in a training course as well as after preparing through self-study.

How to verify a certification

You can verify a certificate using a certificate checking tool from our official exam provider (GASQ) here.

Official verifications upon request are also possible. To request a verification, please contact IBITGQ at

Suspension and withdrawal of certification

Certification can be suspended or withdrawn if a candidate does not comply with the examination conditions or if the examination or certification was not conducted in accordance with the examination conditions. Violation of IBITGQ Code of Ethics can also result in suspension or withdrawal of certification.

Register an IBITGQ certification

IBITGQ qualification holders can register their qualifications for free on the GASQ International Successful Candidate Register.

The benefits of IBITGQ registration are clear:

  • Publicly demonstrate the validity of the qualification to current and prospective employers.
  • Promote your services and credentials to generate new business opportunities.
  • Exchange ideas and views with other IBITGQ qualification holders.

To see the names and qualifications of current IBITGQ qualification holders, please view the GASQ Successful Candidate Register.

"Experience and knowledge are of course essential to meeting the needs of effective IT governance in my company. However, to support my career in IT governance for the future, it is also essential that I hold an international qualification that is recognised and valued by potential employers"

- Peter Smith, Information Security Director, Smith Industries (CIS LI)