IBITGQ (International Board for IT Governance Qualifications) was established in April 2011 and has certified more than 13,000 delegates in the fields of IT governance, information security, cyber security and privacy.

IBITGQ is not only dedicated to developing agile and specialised certifications but also to sharing information to ensure participants, organisations and ATOs (Accredited Training Organisations) are continually updated on new certifications, macro-environmental and market developments, and the research findings of industry leaders.

IBITGQ News is committed to providing news that is accurate and based on research. It aims to communicate the importance of professional certifications within the IT governance, information security, cyber security and privacy sectors. The content will inform training participants of CPD (continuing professional development) pathways, and organisations of the consequences of breaches and non-compliance with regulatory amendments. It will also emphasise the value of an IBITGQ certification for both existing and prospective ATOs.

By sharing information, we can create a safer information, cyber and privacy environment, and form stronger resilience to support business continuity.

The Value of IBITGQ’s First-to-Market Certified DORA Qualifications

Tyrelle Adams - December 2023

The International Board for IT Governance Qualifications (IBITGQ) is a personnel certification body renowned for certifying practitioners in the sectors of IT governance, information security, cyber security and privacy. Earning a reputation as the ‘practitioner’s certification’, IBITGQ qualifications equip people with not only the theoretical knowledge but also the practical capabilities to identify and respond to information security, cyber security and data privacy threats. The development of IBITGQ certifications is highly dynamic and responsive to rapidly changing macro-environmental factors, including the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA).

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The Impact of the General Data Protection Regulation

Tyrelle Adams - January 2024

It has been more than five years since the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into effect. It has had a significant impact on the international business environment, specifically regarding how organisations collect, process and store personal data.

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Unlock your potential with an IBITGQ certification

The concept of continuing professional development (CPD) dates back to the decades after the Second World War, when institutional bodies identified a need for structured formal learning following a tertiary qualification and work experience.

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Certified people make a certified organisation – how can IBITGQ assist this process?

The last decade has seen an increase in people taking the path to professional certifications over and above their existing experience and tertiary qualifications. This gives them many benefits, such as career advancement, increased knowledge and skills, validation of theoretical and applied knowledge, and an expanded professional network. But how does a professional certification create a competitive advantage for an organisation, what is the process and, more importantly, why choose IBITGQ as the organisation’s preferred certification body?

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Five reasons to become an accredited IBITGQ training provider

There is a common misconception that years of practical experience built on the foundations of quality tertiary education are enough to achieve a professional certification. Training courses offered by accredited training organisations (ATOs) using the syllabi developed by a certification body such as IBITGQ can provide the detailed practical and theoretical knowledge of the specific domain that may not be attainable through a tertiary qualification or years of hands-on experience. Furthermore, as the business environment develops, so too do the processes and systems through which training providers adapt their courseware, developing new and efficient methods to achieve better results.

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