Accredited Training Organisations Programme

IBITGQ courses and exams are delivered by Accredited Training Organisations (ATO’s) who have been selected on the basis of their ability to deliver:

  • High quality courses presented by an experienced trainer
  • Course content as defined in the published IBITGQ course syllabus
  • Preparation for candidates to take and pass IBITGQ exams
  • IBITGQ Exams


As an Accredited Training Organisation, your company will receive the following:  

  • Award of the IBITGQ Accredited Training Organisation Certificate
  • Non-exclusive rights to market and deliver IBITGQ courses and exams
  • Courseware and books for each course
  • IBITGQ exams and processing service
  • Initial 'Train the trainer' scheme to ensure you are prepared for success 

If you would like to become an IBITGQ Accredited Training Organisation (ATO), please see
Apply to be an ATO