The advantages of IBITGQ qualifications

IBITGQ qualifications have been achieved by nearly 13,000 IT professionals and are the recognised global qualification of competence for IT governance managers.

IBITGQ aim to ensure that qualifications:

  • Meet a global, industry-recognised benchmark.
  • Are consistent, comparable and reliable worldwide.
  • Demonstrate that holders have the necessary knowledge and skills.
  • Are validated to ensure they are recognised by employers and peers.

Structured syllabus and learning objectives

Each IBITGQ syllabus defines its content, learning objectives and the requirements for assessment.

These published syllabuses are the basis for the exam preparation as well as serve as a guideline for the course materials of the IBITGQ ATOs.

Recognised as the ‘practitioner’s qualification’

IBITGQ certificates have gained a reputation as the ‘practitioner’s qualification’, with many candidates reporting that the practical approach of the certifications has led to significant success in implementing best practice and compliance. This is reflected in the candidates’ career development and employers increasingly recognising the value of IBITGQ qualifications, both in recruitment and in personal development for existing staff members.

IBITGQ registration

IBITGQ qualification holders can register their qualifications for free on the GASQ international Successful Candidate Register.

The benefits of IBITGQ registration are clear:

  • Public demonstration of the validity of the qualification to current and prospective employers.
  • Promotion of the individual’s services and credentials to generate new business opportunities.
  • The exchange of ideas and views with other IBITGQ qualification holders.

To see the names and qualifications of current IBITGQ qualification holders, please view the GASQ Successful Candidate Register.