IBITGQ: Your DORA Audit Solution – Lead the way in compliance

DORA’s rigorous requirements necessitate robust internal audit processes within financial institutions. IBITGQ’s Certified DORA Lead Auditor qualification is meticulously designed to equip you with the in-depth knowledge and skills essential for conducting these critical assessments and driving DORA compliance.

DORA Lead Auditor certification – ensuring digital resilience

This comprehensive qualification empowers auditors with a full suite of tools for success:

Audit foundations: Master the fundamentals of planning, executing and reporting on audits aligned with recognised management system standards. Ensure your methodologies are sound and your findings are articulated clearly.

Unravelling DORA’s oversight: Understand the regulatory bodies responsible for DORA enforcement, their powers and their expectations.

Security and risk deep dive: Learn to scrutinise security standards, evaluate your organisation’s risk appetite, gauge the effectiveness of staff awareness programmes and assess third-party risk management best practices.

ICT risk management under the microscope: Gain the expertise to analyse how well ICT risk frameworks integrate with business objectives, whether control mechanisms are robust and whether continual improvement processes are in place.

Evaluating incident management: Develop techniques for assessing your organisation’s detection, response, resilience and business continuity plans in line with DORA’s incident reporting and operational resilience requirements.

Resilience testing scrutiny: Learn to evaluate resilience testing scenarios, ensure alignment with industry best practices, and determine if your organisation is stress-testing its systems to DORA standards.

Third-party risk expertise: Develop the ability to assess how organisations manage third-party ICT risk identification, contractual safeguards, continual monitoring and DORA’s rigorous information-sharing protocols.

The IBITGQ advantage for DORA auditors

Achieving this rigorous certification offers significant benefits:

Global recognition: Your credential establishes you as a DORA audit expert across the financial sector.

Compliance champion: Play a pivotal role in ensuring your organisation avoids costly DORA penalties.

Enhanced credibility: Demonstrate your commitment to professionalism, building trust within your organisation and the wider financial industry.

Career growth: Position yourself for leadership in compliance, risk management or auditing.

Organisational benefits of DORA audit excellence

Investing in DORA Lead Auditor certifications within your team benefits your organisation:

Independent assurance: Get an expert, unbiased assessment of your organisation’s DORA preparedness.

A benchmark of progress: Identify areas for improvement, driving continual optimisation of ICT risk management, incident response and overall resilience.

Reputation management: Proactively demonstrate a strong cyber risk management culture, increasing stakeholder confidence and boosting market standing.

Talent development: Build a team of in-house DORA experts, enhancing your organisation’s agility and responsiveness to evolving threats.

IBITGQ: Your partner in DORA compliance and audit expertise

As DORA’s deadline approaches, the demand for skilled DORA lead auditors escalates. Distinguish yourself and your organisation with this prestigious qualification.

Embark on your DORA lead auditor journey

Choose either formal training with an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) or self-study with an exam voucher administered by an IBITGQ exam provider.